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Get private and secure internet access

Fast network : dedicated link

Your VPN has its own connection. YES you have a 100% dedicated connection. It isn't shared with anyone

No-log : guaranteed, prooved

We have NO LOG. Your activity is never recorded. We provide you with a service to encrypt your communications

Unlimited simultaneous connections

You can connect as many devices as you want to your VPN:) One account is enough to protect your whole family : computers, tablets, smartphones etc...

Dedicated IP : preserved reputation

Your VPN gives you a dedicated IP. That is to say that you are the only one to have it and thus not be dependent on the behavior of other users.


Private and secure internet access 2 provides you with a secure and encrypted connection for your online activity.

Secure connection 3

Encrypt your connections with We offer you absolute security through AES 256-bits encryption

Ultra-fast connection 4 is optimized for high speeds with updates to the latest technology

Protection across all your devices 5

You benefit from a secure connection on ALL your devices simultaneously.

And even more !

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Global VPN coverage

Our network allows you to connect to more than 10 servers worldwide

Internet without borders.

Bypass content and censorship restrictions and enjoy Netflix, social networks all over the world

Open VPN

Using the open-source OPEN VPN client. Its code is publicly available.

Customer Support

By message

Our advisors are available by e-ticket to help you to configure your VPN and resolve technical issue

Ease of use's user interface is simple and accessible to everyone. Our user-friendly app is available on all devices and signing in is as easy as a click.